Image Contest

The Proposed Chumash Heritage Nation Marine Sanctuary Image (Video/Poster) Contest

 CHNMS invites the public to participate in this image contest to create awareness of the proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. The contest is open to all ages.

 Our coastal marine environment is extraordinary and should be embraced and protected. The CHNMS is being proposed, “to protect, preserve and nurture the ‘thrivability’ of California’s coastal waters, the living ocean, its scenic coastline, all of its natural resources and wildlife, its submerged Native American sacred sites and indigenous seafaring traditions for future generations…”CHNMS Logo

There are two divisions:

1. Student Division

2. Professional Artists Division

Contestants in 2 divisions will get social media recognition. Finalists will receive prize money and gifts packages:

* Winners will receive $250 + Gifts + will be promoted online.

* Finalists will receive Gifts + will be promoted online.

* Contestant creations will be promoted online.

Winners in addition will have their work reproduced in the marketing and on merchandise to raise funds towards the campaign to establish the CHNMS.

Contest begins Saturday April 27th at the Earth Day Festival. The submission deadline is Tuesday, May 27th.

All ages are welcome to participate.

Submit your project to:

Create a video or poster expressing:

What is the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary and why it is important and needed?


For more details visit or email:

Entry requirements

Video = 1:15 minute minimum and 3 minutes maximum upload to and then email it.

Poster = image area needs to be 20”x 30” scanned and saved as a jpeg file type then email it.

Each entry should contain 25 words or less of visual text (less words = more powerful).

Research key words: “Chumash”, “Chumash Heritage”, “National Marine Sanctuary”, “Thrivability”.

Reference: and

Your entry should tell the story of our ocean’s indigenous maritime culture, the creatures and ecosystems in all their spectacular grace and need for revitalization. With each entry include background to express what your complete message is and how you feel about what you found in your research.

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