whaletailAs we count down 2016 we want to address some Frequently Asked Questions to further public education and understanding of our Proposed Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. Looking forward to your support and help by signing our petition and sharing it.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Letter from Julie Packard: Support to begin designation process for Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary Read chumash-nms-designation-support-letter_monterey-bay-aquarium

On behalf of our Executive Director (Monterey Bay Aquarium) Julie Packard, please accept the attached letter urging that NOAA begin the designation process for the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. The nomination was accepted by NOAA in October 2016, and it would be a valuable addition to the National Marine Sanctuary System.

Julie Packard
A leader in ocean conservation and education, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is considered by many to be the best in the world. Behind that reputation is a fantastic staff with remarkably diverse skills, all dedicated to earning and keeping that honor. Julie Packard is Executive Director and Vice Chair of the Aquarium’s Board of Trustees more .


Protect California’s Central Coast!

Create a National Marine Sanctuary

area in needCalifornia’s Central Coast is an area of extraordinary biodiversity. Endangered whales, dolphins, sea otters, seals, pelicans and other wildlife thrive here, feeding on rich nutrient upwellings. The new Chumash National Marine Sanctuary would stretch from Gaviota, near the recent oil spill, to Cambria, terminus of the Monterey Bay NMS. Sanctuary status for this area would prohibit oil development, seismic testing, dumping of agriculture wastewater, and other threats. Comprehensive ecosystem management would ensure the health of the marine habitat.

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Democratic Party letter

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Chumash marine sanctuary would preserve resources

The San Luis Obispo County Democratic Party voted overwhelmingly in support of the designation of the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary. Our local economy depends on protecting the ocean habitat that provides food, clean water, jobs and a healthy environment for our families, neighbors and visitors.
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